Girls’ Day Out :D

 I went out with my Best Friend, Hazrina (Ina) this afternoon. It was really fun! Well we were supposed to go for a manicure session at Posh Nails. She bought a couple of coupons at Groupsmore, with 43% discount! 😀

Here’s the offer page…

The offer 😀 (click for large image)

But something came up on her side at the last minute. She was already on the way to pick me up when her colleague suddenly called to ask her to attend a patient. Oh she is a physiotherapist, by the way. The best I have ever met! 🙂

So we changed plan on the spot. I straight away asked my parents, who were on the way to my cousin’s solemnization ceremony to drop me at train station, and made my way to Mid Valley; our personal favorite hangout place LOL.

We went to eat sushi at Sushi King 😀 Ahh it’s been long since I last ate sushi. We went to Sushi King 😀 Now now I know that news have been spread that Sushi King does not “halal” certificate. It is simply because they use “mirin“.

But simply put, “mirin” is a type of rice wine, similar to “sake”. But “sake” has higher content of alcohol (20%) to be compared to “mirin” (14%). But Sushi King has come clean about their status. They even put this notice on every table at the restaurant:

And oh the company’s name IS Sushi Kin Sdn Bhd. I saw a comment on someone’s Facebook profile complaining that they have misspelled their own company’s name, which is a very embarrassing mistake, because it has been stated on their website..

See? (T_T)

So yeah. Only these 4 products are “non-halal”. I’m glad I can at Sushi King again. 😀 We spent quite a long time at Sushi King, actually. We talked like there was no tomorrow! It was 5.30 PM and I suggested a movie. Ina was a bit down yesterday due to work stuff so we went to check the showtime and….. we watched THIS!

Adam Sandler has always been my favorite since… 50 First Dates? I dunno. I just love all his movies! This one’s good too. It’s about a plastic surgeon, (he was a cardiologist at first) names Oliver David Danny (sorry I’m bad at names) who happened to overheard his fiancee’s conversation with her cousins just before their wedding ceremony, saying all the bad things about his family (who are all goofy-looking LOL) and that she slept with another man on their wedding eve.


So he left the altar and met this girl at a bar, who saw his wedding ring. He didn’t want to look like a loser so he told her that the wife has left him.. bla bla bla and the girl felt sorry for him.

He then found a way to get laid; fake his marriage each time he meets a girl. This went on and on for years and only his assistant, Katherine knows about this. Then he met the so called “real thing” called Palmer, but she found his “wedding” ring in his pocket. So he lied again, saying that he was getting a divorce already. Palmer asked to meet the “ex-wife” so he asked Katherine to help.

If you are a sucker for romantic movies, you can guess what happens next! 🙂

We arrive home at about 9.30PM. Hope to do this often, Ina! 😀

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