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I went for an interview at Level 17, Maxis Tower, KLCC yesterday. 😀 I met fabulous people; Miss Bella, Miss Sara Farina and Miss Sandy. The first interview was a one-to-one with Miss Sandy and the second was a one-to-one with Miss Sara Farina.

Just like normal interviews, we were chatting about the job scope, and Miss Sandy told me the three vital things to remember, being a Customer Care Consultant; service, sales, and technical. Well, as a Customer Care Consultant, I am only required to serve the customers over the counter, but also do cross sales, recommendations, as well as solve technical problem. Challenging, yet very interesting!

After the second interview, they made a verbal offer as a “universal soldier”, which means I will be working at Maxis, but my welfare will be taken care of another agency. I was not really happy with the offer, since it’s not directly with Maxis. You know, many problems can occur when dealing with 3rd party but of course, they gave me a few days to decide. So I went home, and took a nap. I was awaken by a call from Miss Sara telling me that they want to hire me directly under Maxis! OMG OMG.

I will start on 13th June, which give me ample time to work on the showreel for Astro. Will update you on that later, when I’m ready. Gotta be very careful here. There are crazy stalkers out there! LOL.


6 thoughts on “Interview @ Maxis”

  • hye,, congrats for being hired directly under maxis 🙂

    actually i googled about maxis cuz i got offered the same position recently (customer care consultant) and my start date is next week.

    having started working at maxis as its CCC, maybe u can share wht u’ve gone thru,, it is hard to achieve the sales target, etc?

    would be so glad if you could share some insights. thanx! 😉

    • Hello! Sorry i have been very busy hence the late reply. Well i just finished my training last thursday and last saturday was my first day at maxis centre. I can say that being a CCC is fun!

      I dunno about my sales target, but as far as in concerned, i only have to meet my KPI, like customer rating etc. If u just started, you might find the job stressful, as there are many things to be studied like the product, procedure etc. But i can assure that if u are focused, and you are nt afraid to ask, you will master everything in a month or less.

      Don’t be afraid to make mistake, and don’t take things personally. 🙂

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