Journey of a Fresh Graduate: Plans After Graduation

What am I gonna do after graduation?

This question suddenly hit my head. I am sure this question is in most of my friends’ minds too. What are the options that we have? The kind of stumble that we are likely going to stumble upon? What sort of position suits our personality and skills? How should we present ourselves in the resume?

Now some us might already have plans, so these questions are petty to them. But for a Miss Detail like me, I am very concerned about EVERYTHING! I try not to freak out though. I am very sure that somehow, I will survive in the end.

So, the first thing that I am doing now is to list down my interest and whether it suits my personality or not. Here it goes:

  • TV and Radio – Currently doing it! But I am not sure if Astro has any vacancy… Gotta check on that.
  • Sales and Marketing – I am outgoing, and I love to share information, and I am able to hit targets.
  • Customer Service – I have great people skills and I have no problem working under pressure.
  • Tourism – I was an intern with a leading tour agency. So, no problem 🙂
  • Journalism
  • Public Relation – People skills, checked. Patience, 50% checked.
  • Human Resource – I have worked with Garden International School as HR Assistant (temporary position during hols)
  • Management Trainee Program – I am interested.. But I am bonded to govt. So this one we have to KIV

*praying that she can a good job with a good pay soon)

Next, we will talk about Resumes 😀

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