Legendary Mahfuzah

The easiest one to spill out the beans (her beans) among our siblings is Mahfuzah, the youngest. She can easily get busted. Not by other people. But herself.

No matter how she tries, she can’t seem to conceal the truth. She will try to defend herself, but her choice of words always kill her. In other words, she just can’t help be honest. The following conversations will give you the idea.


Exhibit A:

Me: Pujah buat apa dalam bilik Kaklong?
(What are you doing in my room?)

Mahfuzah: Pujah tak baca diari Kaklong.
(No, I didn’t read your diary.)


Exhibit B:

Me: Banyaknya semut dalam bilik ni. Pujah makan dalam bilik ke?
(There are a lot of ants in this room. Did you eat in here?)

Mahfuzah: Pujah tak makan biskut atas katil. Pujah bawak mangkuk.
(No, I didn’t eat any biscuits on my bed. I brought a bowl.)


Exhibit C:

Mahfuzah: Mak, kalau makan kacang batal puasa tak?
(Mom, would my fast become void if I eat nuts?)

Mak: Kalau tak sengaja, tak batal.
(No, as long as it’s not intentional.)

Mahfuzah: Alaaa kenapa tak batal???!
(Whaaaaat?? *crying*) – well you know now whether it’s “intentional” or not.


Legendary. Enough said. LOL

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