Life Partner VS Business Partner

Treat your life partner like a business partner? It’s never like that. Life partner stays with you even in your darkest moments. Accept your strengths and weaknesses. Hold your secrets close to their hearts.

Business partners come and go. They are only around for business; for profit. And when you no longer have anything to offer, they will leave. There is nothing wrong with that, because business is business. Whereas for life partners, they are obliged to stay. And they want to stay. For love.

If you treat your life partner like a business partner, don’t be surprised if your relationship(s) never worked at all. Because when you only treat people well to get benefits, people will treat you the same way too.

And you are going to die miserable and alone.

If you can have your life partner as your business partner, it’s even better! But if you don’t, appreciate your life partner’s loyalty and understanding.

The objective of a relationship isn’t about only building business, but to grow old together. To be there for each other for better and for worst. It’s about building a family, raise brilliant kids. Aren’t all this more important than business?

Your partner might not have the same interest as yours, but having your partner around to support you is already a great blessing. Some partners leave, because they don’t have enough love to stay. Being selfish and materialistic, unable to commit etc. But you have a partner that stays, it’s one of GOD’s greatest gifts for you!

“You will never know what you have till it’s gone,” and trust me, when it’s gone, you will never get it back.

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