When I Was a Little Girl… (Part 1)

Some random things I did when I was little…

  • Dial my aunt’s house phone number using the public phone at my primary school. Not because I wanted to talk to her. It’s merely because I don’t remember anyone else’s number. It was 2919331 (then changed to 26919331). I never succeed though… because I couldn’t reach the coin slot. (T_T)
  • Spend all my pocket money on sweets and I was left with nothing to pay the bus fare. So I told the conductor to ask for the fare from my grandpa. LOL
  • There was a Punjabi uncle who sells bread. I stopped him and asked “Can I have some buns.. the ones that looks like breasts?”. He was stunned so I showed him what I wanted. (I meant sweet buns)
  • My teacher (who taught me the Holy Quran) asked for my birth date, and I gave him my aunt’s phone number (Don’t ask me why). Then I told my mom and she had to go to the teacher’s house to clean up my mess.
  • My friend’s sister was telling her dad that she got only 3A’s for the exam. She was sitting for the trial exam for Primary School Public Examination (UPSR). Innocently, I told them I’ve got 23A’s (including the ones for Attitude, Interest, Sports, Arts, etc)

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