Mak :)

Hello! Today, I would like to introduce my mom, that I call “Mak” 🙂 She’s 50 this year, naturally quiet but can be very talkative among people who are close to her. Very firm, and has very strong will. And crazy at times.

She’s the kind of mother than you can text about things that happen at work, and the kind of mother that always boost the children’s self confidence by her endless praises. But mind you, when she’s around her friends who like to brag about their children, she will not tell them a single thing about you.

It’s kinda annoying sometimes, seeing all these mothers bragging about their children when I know very well of the children and I can say that 80% of the stories that they tell to my mom are mostly from their wildest imagination… (-_-) and my mom can still smile…

She can be crazy at times. Sometimes when we come home and call out for her, she wouldn’t answer, and we will find her hiding behind the door (T_T)

I love you, Mak. You are my backbone. Can’t imagine a day without you.

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