I signed up for Silat Cekak a few months ago, but didn’t start class until about April, as my “pengijazahan” was delayed.

Betul tu. Ijazah dulu baru belajar. Kalau ambil degree tu kita belajar bagai nak rak baru dapat ijazah kan? Yang ni kita kena dapat ijazah dulu baru boleh belajar.

I never regret the day I signed up for it. It has been so much fun, so many things I have learnt, making my life feels fuller than before. Very enriching.

But it has been a struggle too, for me to get to class. I have always been workaholic, trying to finish as many things as possible at work, making it hard for me to leave the office early… when my Silat class starts at 9PM.

If I leave exactly at 6PM, I will be stuck in the traffic jam and miss my Maghrib. So I choose to leave as soon as I perform Maghrib, and pray to God I will make it on time for Silat. It has worked like magic so far; probably because He has promised:

“Take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards me, I will run towards you.” Hadith Qudsi

I believe, and I have been rewarded for that Alhamdulillah. Always a few mins late though, but the trainers understand my situation and always welcome me with warmth, even ask me to sit down to catch my breath before class.

There was one time I was so tired and told my brother I couldn’t make it. He texted me this:

I have somehow promised him that I will learn this until Ijazah Tamat. Felt so bad, that I straight away changed and drove to class. The class went well, until I blacked out for a few secs and fell.

I suddenly remembered that I have not eaten anything since lunch; my usual unhealthy routine. I was okay during the practice! Only blacked out during the briefing at the end. LOL.

Anyway, I didn’t let penat win, I’m proud. But since then I always make sure I eat before I leave the office so I have enough energy to move around.

Have you tried anything new lately? 🙂

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