Our New Sweethearts :)

MELAKA – About 2 months ago, Taufiq found three kittens near his car, already surrounded by red ants, hungry and scared. He brought them home, put them in a box and gave them some food and water. He was rushing to work. Nothing on his mind on how to raise the kittens. All he knew was that the kittens need shelter.

He called me and asked what he should feed the kittens. I have some experience saving cats so I told him what to do. We monitored them from Bukit Beruntung, telling Taufiq over the phone what he needed to do. One day I joked with him to tell the kittens to pray that he will get a job in Selangor soon.

Animals can understand us. That’s what I always believe. I think he took my advice. Miraculously, after a month, he got a job in Shah Alam. Alhamdulillah… So they (Taufiq and kittens) moved back to our home in Bukit Beruntung. Here are some photos taken a few minutes after the arrival 🙂



It’s been a long journey with them, though it has only been 2 months plus. We learnt that they can’t tolerate cow’s milk. OK this is partly my mistake. I took the advice from a vet’s assistant. She told me that I can feed kittens with fresh cow’s milk. Unfortunately she was wrong so this happened…

They were very sick. They threw up everything they ate. One of them, the youngest I guess (Orange striped), was so weak he could not even walk. The next morning his front legs were cramped. We were very worried. Even the vet told us not to put high hopes on him. He might not make it.. He was given some shots and was brought home. We fed her with glucose, as advised.

We had a lot of theories on his sickness. But since the biggest mistake was to feed them with cow’s milk (according to the articles I read), Taufiq put some medicated oil on its stomach. The heat (menthol) made him uneasy at first, that he wandered around the compound. Then he started to pee and poo.

Guess what? He made it 🙂

I think this is him (left picture). Still not able to differentiate the orange kittens.

The last two photos are some of the cute moments I managed to capture on my phone. The right one is the kitten (the one who was sick) “wearing” Taufiq’s slippers. I guess he missed him :’) And the next photo is the other orange kitten sleeping, hangover-after-NY-eve style. LOL.

Will bring them to the vet to be neutered and vaccinated soon!

Thank you for reading 🙂

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