Putting Others Before Yourself

There are times in life whereby you have to make a sacrifice to make others happy. Sometimes a little sacrifice would do. Sometimes bigger decisions have to be made. One thing that we should remember is that, every choice that we make in life, has its own consequences. And the sacrifice that you make, will not only make you feel good, but may change someone’s life in some ways.

The act can be very small, or huge. Spending an extra time with a weak student can give him/her a better understanding of what you have taught in class. Giving the last piece of cake to a hungry kid will make him/her smile. Donating your kidney can even someone’s life. Well we are all aware of this. The major question is, how far would you go to make someone happy?

Some people think that we have to take care of ourself first, before taking care of others. And some people might ask, what is the point of making a sacrifice to make someone happy, when we are not happy, which result in the person that we help being happier than us, and we don’t get anything? This question can only be answered by the concept of sincerity.

Sincere, according to Dictionary.com, means “Free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings.” So if we help sincerely, we won’t be having thoughts like “What is he is a bad person?”, “What if the person I help don’t appreciate what I do?”, OR “What is the point of making someone happy if I am unhappy myself? Who is going to make me happy then?”. If we help with sincerity, we won’t be have any thoughts other than just wanting to help.

Putting others before yourself simply means that you put people other than yourself as your priority. Putting aside your needs or wants for the sake of another person that you want to help. In my humble opinion, if a person can do this, he/she is among the kindest person, as people nowadays are more individualistic and self centered. Not many people can make sacrifices, even the smallest one.

Just another thing to highlight, you never know how much your act can make a change in someone else’s life. Who knows? Little sacrifices can lead to major changes. And believe me, that smallest thing that you do to make someone else happy will make you happy too.

Just do it sincerely, and you will be rewarded.

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  1. zara says:

    I used to put other people before myself, but there are ‘some’ ungrateful people who don’t seem to know how to appreciate.

    so, I no longer do. It’s now ME first and other people come second. Does that make me a bad person?

  2. Jan says:

    A friend of mine always put other people first and died as a result of it. I put others first and get very annoyed with myself when I am taking advantage of.

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