Sorry, Bro.

No, no. This has nothing to do with that bitch on How I Met Your Mother that always cheat on her boyfriend. Idiot.

I was out with my siblings Mahfuzah and Taufiq and Mom. I have promised my little sis to take them out for sushi as soon as she’s out of Asasi (Foundation in Science). Since Taufiq was home, I guess it’s a good time to hang out. Although Taufiq then told us to cut the sushi deal because our father does not really fancy sushi for some reason and that it’s better to plan something that we can ALL go out together.

Then I suddenly remembered that I am almost out of contact lens solution. So I suggested that we go to Watson’s to get my stuff and go home straight after that since Mom wanted to reach home before 7 PM. We kinda have this curfew because Daddy believes that if we’re not home by 7 PM we are exposed to ALL kinds of dangers out there.

It’s true. Pretty much. *raise eyebrows and put on a politician-who-thinks-he’s-smart face* 

This country is not safe anymore, according to a colleague of mine. Crime is everywhere. While I am typing this, the murderers and rapist and acid splashing psychos are out there looking for another victim. Not to forget the ones on a motorcycle who smash cars’ windows and take the driver’s handbag. And also the sex offenders who put cucumbers in children’s butt. And hit and run cases. Hit, rob and rape… Scary as hell! 


So yeah. Back to the story. We rushed (well I was rushing. Because I need to buy some.. uh… Contact lens solution..) And my oh my the queues were damn long! So my brother offered to queue in the line while I go and get what I need.

Sweet, sweet young man :’) (Well he’s taken. If you’re not the girlfriend, don’t smile!) 

I quickly (well, not so. I consulted the pharmacist for some advice) grabbed my stuff and joined my brother in the line. When the cashier handed me the receipt, I noticed something was missing. My brother mentioned that he wanted to buy new deodorant because the current one is almost finished. So I asked the cashier. She looked confused.

“Deodorant? Mana ada?”

So I turned around, shouted at my brother who was already at the end of the line with my Mom, waiting for me.

“Tadi kau nak beli deodorant! Tak jadi ke?”

Then I saw this look on his face.

Boy hiding face.

I just giggled like a normal eldest-sister-who-have-mentioned-stupid-shit.

“Apa lah Kaklong ni.. Setengah kedai tau perihal ketiak Amin!”


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